Our Fundraising Goal

Why do we need to fundraise?

For those of you who are not aware, Glenhaven Public School, like many other schools in the state, relies heavily on fundraising from the community in order to provide some of the resources  that our children are used to.


Classified as an 'affluent area' by the Department of Education, Government funding simply cannot provide all of the added extras we enjoy here at Glenhaven Public, like Smartboards, quality readers, additional teachers' aides and iPads.  Even the storage we need to keep our extra-curricular programs running has to come from somewhere!


As a community we have raised money to support these, and many other, great initiatives in our school.  We also understand that everyone is busy and have many other demands on your time, which is why we have a voluntary fundraising contribution as part of your child's Term 2 fees.

Outdoor Learning Area

This year our aim is to raise money for an outdoor learning area to be installed on the school grounds to create an area for Teachers and your children to enjoy the outdoors whilst learning. The area will be used for teaching of classes, assisted learning with parents and children and also recess and lunchtime activities. Please support us and make your contribution this year.


Our Contribution to date

Our P&C prides itself on the successful fundraising initiatives that contribute not only to the educational resources for our children but also to the sense of community within our school. We are fortunate to be generously supported by both our parent body as well as our school Executive and teaching staff.

Over the past few years, the funds raised by the P&C have contributed towards:

    1.  Presence of teacher's aide support in classrooms throughout the schoolin 2014, funds raised by the P&C provided for additional hours of teacher's aide support in our classrooms. This was in addition to the number of hours allocated under current Government funding. 

   2.  Investment in technology including

  • contribution towards introduction of wi-fi at Glenhaven Public School
  • new smart boards/interactive whiteboards for our classrooms
  • new lap tops and iPads in our classrooms
  • upgrade of computers in our computer lab
  • upgrade of computers in our  library
  • introduction of Flexischools for both the Canteen and Uniform Shop                                                                                                                

   3. Refurbishment of our Stage 1 demountable classrooms including new blinds and repainting 

   4. Furniture for our school hall, primarily tables and chairs

   5.  Literacy resources for Stage 1 and 2

   6.  Maths resources for all stages

   7. Refurbishment of our Library which included new resources for the library such as more current fiction to keep our older students interested in reading, reference tools for the children to use and technology that can help improve literacy and information skills, comfortable soft furnishings and rugs to create areas for children to relax while they read, new shelving and display areas to showcase the books and allow easier access for the kids, repainting the walls and ceiling, new chairs for students to use at the tables and a bright new circulation desk to create an orderly flow and organise the borrowing system more effectively.

Want to become involved?

We respect that the life of every family within our school experiences its own demands, pressures and constraints.  We invite you to become as involved as much as your personal circumstances allow.

We welcome your participation at various events including:

  • Coming to a P&C meeting and sharing your ideas
  • Supporting your child's class by volunteering to become a Class Representative
  • Offering to co-ordinate a fundraising event/activity
  • Welcoming new families to our school community at our Welcome BBQ
  • Coming along to a class/grade social outing
  • Donating a product/ service from your business that supports the school and helps us minimise our expenses
  • Volunteer for a shift, as little as once a month, in our canteen
  • Offer to help in the Uniform Shop
  • Participating in each of our fundraising initiatives such as helping on our Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls or being a part of our audience at our open air movie night